Saturday, 8 October 2011

Vintage Home

Oh for the house to go with it!

 Ok, so I want chickens!

 Lovely font... Would be ideal as home signage.

 Somewhere in  Russia...

 Great wallpapers by Grow House Grow

 This is EXACTLY how I want my bathroom!

 Icing-sugar pavement  :)
Off track I know but so beautiful!

 And oh for a library to put the books in!

What a great way of updating an old classic
(and much better for it, don't you think?) 

 Graffiti wallpaper with tin-foil you can mark yourself.

 Navaho throw pillow from CaptainCat @ Etsy

 70's drop leaf table by DearOldBlighty @ Etsy

 Enamel-ware kitchen scales from SalvagePatch @ Etsy

Mid-century amber glass cup & saucer from Weald @ Etsy

If you haven't already discovered it, go have a look at Etsy...
All handmade stuff from independent makers.
Also a good vintage section, but make sure you select 'Vintage' when entering search terms as 'Handmade' is the default setting. Enjoy!

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