Monday, 3 October 2011


The last post showed where I'm going with the wallpaper design. So here're some of my thoughts re. the series of prints...

I've worked with maps a lot in the past and it's one thing I didn't include in the wallpaper, mainly because the maps I had didn't seem to fit with the uterus diagrams I was developing. So I took another quick look at the map...

 Zooming in on the important section.
Picking out details.
Not very interesting as it is.

 I like this though. Could this be the one Annie frequented?
Good lettering on this old map.
This might be something I use later on when developing the prints.

 Like the 3 blocks, but still fairly boring.

Just happened to see some of the sections from the wallpaper and had a thought!
I really like this. It's slightly sinister, no? Like they're seeping out of the buildings or something.

Playing around with different elements in the space.

 Love how here it looks like a shadow cast by the buildings.

 Thought I'd draw it on and see if I got any further...

 Adding another element. The original shadow now emerges from No.29
I didn't like how the 2nd element lay across a lot of the buildings' detail
so it kind of got merged together and I really how that arm looks. 
The rest of it isn't great though.

 Close-up of fallopian tube detail.

 With other text elements behind.

 Unsucessful attempt to develop it further...

Yes, definitely lost my way with it here.

Well, I'm going to have a cigarette and a think and see what I can come up with...

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