Monday, 3 October 2011


Proposed outcome: Hand-printed wallpaper and a series of lino prints on related theme.

Ok, (gruesome bit) so we know the Ripper removed her uterus / cervix / fallopian tubes / ovaries and took them away. They were never found. So thought I'd start by working directly from the anatomical diagrams...

Simple Reflect & Repeat

 Not that dissimilar to tiling patterns
Victorian / Medieval / Encaustic etc.

 I think this one's quite sucessful...

 Makes me think of Africa?!

Too far removed from original diagram.
More bone-like.

Going back to original diagram.

Combining elements.

This... this...
...equals this...
(Murder site = No.29 Hanbury Street)

Sketching / Layering.

One finalised element
(well ok, not quite but I took the wrong photo)

This fits into the space in the finalised element above.

Won't use this though, doesn't work as well.

And then...
Bit of a jump I know. 
I got pretty carried away but I like the result...

With other element (the finalised one, above)
Balances it out a bit...
But there's still an unresolved section at the top.

 A few options.

Option A.
 Not full enough... and the thick joining bit is quite ugly, n'est pas?

 Option B.
 Better. Is it ok that the elements are repeated 3 times round the top?

 Option C.
 Well, it's not repeating itself round the top but it's not as good visually.
Maybe with a bit of tweaking. 
Have left it for now, though I think I prefer B.

 Adding in the '29'...
 I like it, maybe because it adds a different aspect?

 It's a fairly pretty pattern, given the subject matter.
Maybe if I print the 29 in a really blood red?

Now, I haven't really given a thought to colourways yet...

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