Saturday, 1 October 2011


Just trying to find inspiration for a series of Jack the Ripper prints that I want to do for an upcoming exhibition. Really focusing on Annie Chapman, his (supposed) 2nd victim, who was found dead in the backyard of 29 Hanbury Street, now part of the Truman Breweries site. 

Following are some images relating to the murder and/or the site.

 Annie Chapman & her husband.
The only photo of a Ripper victim alive.

 Her mortuary photograph

 Annie Chapman - Before & After Death
As pictured in the Police Illustrated News

 Her Death Certificate.
I believe this is one of (if not the) first cases that 
'Murder against person or persons unknown' 
was entered on a death certificate.

Map of Victorian London showing areas of poverty / wealth.

Hanbury Street - No longer exists.
 A few Victorian number 29's.
I might use one of these as an element in the prints.

Some of Jack's letters - most are proved fakes...
Note the red ink - one letter suggests he'd kept some victim's blood to write with but had congealed before he got to use it, therefore red ink must suffice.

I love the old Victorian script handwriting, especially the spidery ones. Maybe use red scrawled words, taken from the reports / letters / post mortem etc. 

Black Annie's wounds were extensive. Her neck had been slit right down to the spine. Her uterus had been completely removed (with an intact cervix - a total hysterectomy) along with the back portion of her bladder. These were never found. Her intestines had been severed at one end and placed in a pile over her right shoulder. Her body was laid out with her head near the back step of number 29.

Definitely lots to work from. Pretty gruesome though. I wonder if the exhibition space is directly on top of the murder site or whether that's covered by another part of the building...?

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