Saturday, 12 July 2014

Dartmoor Archaeology - Grimspound

Researching various neolithic sites on Dartmoor. Looking for interesting sites for visitors, with aesthetically pleasing archaeological plans, with a view to using related map imagery as the basis for inlay designs.

Need location info, probable time frame of habitation / use, source of data.

24 hut circles enclosed within stone wall, or pound. English Heritage-owned. They consider it to be Late Bronze Age, others suggest it may be Middle Bronze Age. Situated on Grim's Lake Stream, next to Hookner Tor. Possibly used only during summer months by herders and their cattle. Very few domestic finds due to acid soil. Ash remains in hearths from ash, willow and oak sticks and peat. A few pottery shards, flint fragments and an arrow head.

Images directly from legendary dartmoor

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