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Vintage Books In Stock

Lists of vintage titles in stock, 
from the late 1800's - 1990's. 

Links to titles already photographed & listed at junkshopUK.
Updated Regularly.
For further information, photos or to purchase any of the items you see listed below, you can contact me via email - - or via my Etsy profile.

All titles are hardback editions, unless otherwise stated.
I only stock books that I would have on my shelves at home. Many are in excellent vintage condition, others are fairly worn, but make up for it with great illustrations, interesting binding or are just classics with a homely vintage feel. Damaged books are marked with a * and are priced accordingly.

Charles Dickens, Our Mutual Friend, 1932-33.
Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol, c.1950's? *
Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities, c.1960.
Henry Fielding, Fielding's Works ( Collection: Tom Jones / Joseph Andrews / Amelia, 1 illustration), 1877.
Virginia Woolf, Three Guineas (illustrated), 1947.
Sir Walter Scott, Quentin Durwood, 1941.
Sir Walter Scott, The Talisman (Everyman's Library), c.1946.
William Makepeace Thackeray, Vantiy Fair (Everyman's Library), c.1940's.
Joseph Conrad, Lord Jim (Everyman's Library), c. 1940's.
Arnold Bennett, The Old Wives' Tale (Everyman's Library), c. 1940's
Jean Jacques Rousseau, Emile  (Everyman's Library), 1966.
A Shakespeare Anthology (pocket-size), c.1950's.
Alexandre Dumas, Twenty Years After (one b/w illustration, pocket-size), c.1950's?
Sienkiewicz, Quo Vadis (pocket-size), c.1940's?
Charlotte Bronte, The Professor (pocket-size), c.1940's?
Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre, (matched set with Wuthering Heights), c.1970's.
Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights, (matched set with Jane Eyre), c.1970's.
W.S. Gilbert (of Gilbert & Sullivan), Fifty 'Bab' Ballads, Much Sound and Little Sense (illustrated), c.1921.
Emile Zola, Nana, (French text, leatherette / gilt), 1980.
Cervantes, Don Quixote (Penguin Classics, paperback), 1950.
Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot (a tragi-comedy play in 2 acts, library issue), 1960.
J R R Tolkien, The Hobbit (illustrated, leatherette / gilt), 1978.
Percival Christopher Wren, Beau Geste (quarter-bound in leather), 1994.
John Keir Cross, Blackadder (Collins Seagull Library, original novel on which the TV series was based), 1961.
Han Suyin, The Mountain in Young (1st edition), 1958.
Rene Bazin, Les Oberle (French text, illustrated), 1931
A.R. Weeks, Clair de Lune, 1927.
Alan Boucher, The Greenland Farers (illustrated), 1961.
Mrs. Henry Wood, East Lynne (Reader's Library, pocket-size), 1931.
Sinclair Lewis, Mantrap (Reader's Library, pocket-size), 1926.
John Buchan, Prester John, 1945.
Charles Lamb, Essays of Elia, 1920.
Roy Bridges, The Vats of Tyre, c.1930/40's?
Alexander Cordell, The Rape of the Fair Country, 1960.
Oliver Goldsmith, The Vicar of Wakefield, c.1940's/50's?
Iris Murdoch, Under The Net, 1955.
Clarence Day, These Were the Days, 1946.
Peter Cheyney, Ladies Won't Wait (paperback), 1954.
Gene D. Robinson, Have Wife Will Trade (paperback), 1960.*
Amanda Shore, Diary of a Temp (paperback), 1977.
Fiona Richmond, From Here to Virginity (paperback), 1981.

Sir. John Hunt, The Ascent of Everest (b/w & colour illustrations), 1954 (x2)
Thor Heyerdahl, The Kon-Tiki Expedition, by Raft Across the South Seas (illustrated), 1950.
Hans Hass, Men and Sharks (illustrated translation), 1954.
Hans Hass, Under the Red Sea (illustrated translation), 1952.
William Woods, A Yugoslav Adventure (1st edition), 1957.
Godfrey Winn, Home From Sea (Royal Navy, illustrated), 1954.
The Boys Book of Sailing (illustrated 1st edition), 1956.
The Bedside Guardian, A Selection by Ivor Brown from the Manchester Guardian 1951-52, 1952.
Geoff Amos, Pick of the Bunch (Cartoons by 'Larry'), c.1970's.

The Book Committee, Pictorial Sketches from Bible Lands (illustrated), c.1890.
M.R. James, Abbeys (b/w illustrations, 7 in colour, fold-out plans / maps), 1925.
C. Oman, Castles (b/w illustrations, 2 in colour, 1926.
Her Majesty's Stationary Office, Scotland, Illustrated Guide to Monuments (paperback), 1967.
Franck Weimert, Berlin, Get to Know it Get to Like It (Interauto Touring Guide with a Difference, illustrated translation by Lisa Drew), 1973.
Road Atlas of Great Britain (3 miles to 1 inch, colour maps), 1961.

Philip Guedalla, The Hundred Years, A Panoramic History of the Last Hundred Years, 1939.*
Albert L. Guerard, French Civilization, From It's Origins to the Close of the Middle Ages (fold-out maps), 1920.
Bulfinch's Mythology (complete guide to / compendium of Western mythology), 1967.
John Ruskin, Modern Painters Vol.III (Everyman's Library), c. 1910.
Alfred W. Rich, Water Colour Painting (The New Art Library, illustrated), 1927.
Hendrick van Loon, The Arts of Mankind (b/w & colour illustrations, 9th reprint of 1st edition), 1950.
F. Horner, The Normal Tudor Period (Normal Tutorial Series, paperback), c.1930's?*
J.B. Mitchell, Historical Geography (illustrated), 1967.
E. Manners, Land Is What We Make It, 1954.
F W Boreham, Mushrooms on the Moor (pocket edition), 1954.
Dr.&Mrs. Howard Taylor, Hudson Taylor In Early Years, The Growth of a Soul (illustrated), c.1911.
Joan Evans, Time & Chance, The Story of Arthur Evans and His Forebears (illustrated), 1943.
C A Coates, Twelve Lectures on the House of God, c.1920.
C A Coates, An Outline of the Revelation, c.1950's?

Listeners' Companion, The World of Music (large format, wooden veneer boards, quarter bound in leather, 2000 illustrations), 1954.
Cassell's Household Guide, A Complete Cyclopaedia of Domestic Economy, Vol.'s II, III, IV, V & VI (illustrated), 1912.
Scotty & Ronnie Welch, Esquire Party Book, Entertaining Around the Clock (by Esquire Magazine, colour illustrations), 1965.
Ettie Rout, Stand Up and Slim Down, being Restoration Exercises for Women (illustrated), 1938.
E. Noble Chamberlain, Symptoms and Signs in Clinical Medicine (b/w & colour illustrations), 1945.
R. Scott Stevenson, The Universal Home Doctor (illustrated), 1968.
Margaret Garth, Home Management (b/w & colour illustrations, 1st edition), 1934.

Sadler's Wells Opera Books No.4, Madame Butterfly - Puccini (illustrated paperback), 1946.
L.M Angus-Butterworth, Pottery and Porcelain (illustrated), 1964.
Mollie Winterburn, Handbuilt Pottery (illustrated), 1966.
Sir Ernest Gowers, The ABC of Plain Words (1st reprint of 1st edition, guide to English grammar), 1951.
Donald Cousins, Teach Yourself Book-Keeping (Teach Yourself Books, inc. tables / charts etc.), 1958.
Stanley W. Bowler, Teach Yourself Photography (Teach Yourself Books, illustrated), 1962.
P. Abbott, Teach Yourself Trigonometry (Teach Yourself Books, illustrated), 1955.
W. Abbott, Technical Drawing - A Complete Course in Three Parts (illustrated), 1963.
Reader's Digest, Pocket Guide to Herbs (illustrated paperback), c.1970's.
Bertel Bruun, The Hamlyn Guide to Birds of Britain and Europe (colour illustrations, paperback), 1976.
Eigil Kiaer, Garden Shrubs and Trees (colour illustrations), 1967.
Dorothy Hall, The Book of Herbs (illustrated), 1975.
Major R F Wall, Keeping a Dog - Its Training and Care in Health & Sickness (illustrated), 1947.

French-English English-French Dictionary (pocket-size), c.1947.
Librairie Larousse Paris, Nouveau Petit Larousse Illustre (French text, illustrated), 1931.*

Charles & Mary Lamb, Tales From Shakespeare (large format, colour illustrations), c.1950's?
Rudyard Kipling, Animal Stories (illustrated), 1932.
Susan Coolidge, What Katy Did (colour illustrations), c.1950/60's?
C.S. Lewis, The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe (Puffin, illustrated), 1959.
C.S. Lewis, The Magician's Nephew (Puffin, illustrated), 1967.
C.S. Lewis, The Silver Chair (Puffin, illustrated), 1968.
C.C. Lewis, The Last Battle (Puffin, illustrated), 1970.
Johanna Spyri, Heidi (matched set, 3 colour illustrations), 1957.
Charles Tritten (Spyri's translator), Heidi Grows Up (matched set, 3 colour illustrations), 1968.
Charles Tritten (Spyri's translator), Heidi's Children (matched set, 3 colour illustrations), 1969.
Enid Blyton, Stories From World History - Tales of the Romans (illustrated paperback), c.1930's.
Nathaniel Hawthorne, A Wonder Book (b/w & colour illustrations by S Van Abbe), 1968.
Told by the Animals (b/w & colour illustrations by Edwin Noble, 25 children's stories), c.1910's? *
C.J.A. Oppermann, Lost Muriel, The Story of a Little Girl's Influence (illustrated), c.1900?
L.E. Tiddeman, Grannie's Treasures and How They Helped Her (illustrated), c.1895.
H.A. Hinkson, The House of the Oak (illustrated), c.1900/10's?
Babes in the Basket, or Daph and her Charge (illustrated), 1912.*
Gordon Griggs, 'Button' Burns, or The Winningham Troop of Life-Saving Scouts (illustrated), 1929.
Rex Dixon, Pocomoto and the Indian Trails (illustrated), 1956.*
Robert Heinlein, Red Planet (paperback), 1973.
Nicholas Fisk, Space Hostages (Puffin, paperback), 1970.
Supernatural Stories for Boys (selection inc. Edgar Allan Poe, illustrated by Reg Gray), 1979.
Elleston Trevor, The Big Pick-Up, A Story of Dunkirk (paperback),1956.
Captain W.E. Johns, Biggles, Foreign Legionnaire (paperback), 1971.
Lee Thomas, The Smokestack Iron (paperback), c.1960's?
Franklin W. Nixon, The Hardy Boys (13 titles in series), 1972-83.
John T. Phillifent, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., The Corfu Affair (No.13, paperback), 1967.
S.E. Hinton, The Outsiders (Armada Lions, paperback), 1972.

George A. Birmingham, Children Can You Answer This? The Children's Question Book, 1930.
Hamlyn Publishing, Every Boy's Handbook (colour illustrations), 1979.
Hamlyn Publishing, Every Girl's Handbook (colour illustrations), 1980.
E M Stephenson, Life Everywhere - Book One (illustrated), 1954.
R. Gardner & B. Albiston, An Australian Cattle Station (People of the World, illustrated paperback), 1961.

Feel free to ask me for pics / info etc. about any of the books listed, I'd be more than happy to help.

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