Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New year, New ideas...

It's always a great time of year, when we've all this new time ahead of us, and all of these new thoughts to fill it with. I always find it exciting, especially not knowing where these new inspirations might take us, what paths they might lead us on. Well, here's a few more images that have been triggering the beginnings of my thought processes for 2012... I wonder if you can make head nor tail of them, I certainly don't know where I'm going with them yet. Feel free to comment as these journeys always take on a shape of their own when others get involved. Advice and/or criticism always welcome!

Favela Rocinha, Brasil

Brazilian Favela

 A closer look at a favela in Sao Paulo, Brasil.

Somewhere in Brasil. 

Favela Morumbi, Sao Paulo, Brasil.

 Favela Azul, Rio, Brasil.

 Brazilian Street Art, Favela Painting, Brasil.

Another Favela Painting Project

JR's project in Rio, Brasil.
Look him up, he's great  :)

 Another JR project. This time in Kenya.
These shanty town roofves have been covered in water-resistant photographic prints.

Brooklyn based artist collective, Faile

Inside the Faile studio.
I'm looking at that floor!

A still from an animation sequence by Japanese artist Tabaimo.

Landscape patterns come up again and again.

Paris-themed Wallpaper by Anthropologie.

Wallpaper by Cole & Son. Based in North London, they've been producing handblocked,
screenprinted and surface printed wallpapers since 1875.

'Daydream Blue', Julia Rothman's new wallpaper design for Hygge & West.
Not sure about the birds, but those clouds look like balls of yarn, they're great!

'Favela' chair.

'Navajo' print wallpaper in red, by Primitive Press.

'Pre-Fab Stripe' wallpaper by Sharon Elphick.
Screenprinted, 1998.

'Rhythm-On-The-Wall',  Kirsty Collar.
Photocopies of a tower block surface pattern stuck to a wall.

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